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This items are just all so beautiful! 
I am not sure which one is my most favorite because I just love them all.


Wedding Jewelry

Hey Brides!

I just recently purchased this lovely necklace made by Amrita Singh. I am just completely in love with it. It's so beautiful and victorian looking and very glitzy! 

However, the necklace I got is no longer is production so none of the matching earrings and bracelets were available. I just loved this necklace too much to pass it up. I am quite glad that I didn't because I was able to find the most beautiful pear of matching earrings to go with it on Etsy! Can you say so super sweet? (Here is the link in case you are interested). She has some very lovely earrings which aren't very expensive for you budget brides!

 You just never know what you are going to find on